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Brian Jonestown Massacre
Good Morning Girl


The Fall
Paint Work

This song is the soundtrack to everything.


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Sapphire Shores - Moss Moon

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'Divine' - Sebastien Tellier

On behalf of France in the Eurovision, 2008.


Troy, Madeline, Francesco and Jack make up indie-rock outfit When We Were Small. They’ve been making bouncy, swoony, soul-filled, fish and chip-fuelled tunes together since 2010.

They’re one of this year’s six Unearthed High finalists!

In Twenty-Fourteen…

All of this can happen next year, and I’m going to make sure that it does. Next year will be my fourth non-consecutive year without regular full-time work or study, and I can’t let it be like the other three. So I’m making plans. I’m talking to excited people. I’m making this public. Because if I talk about it, it’s more likely to happen. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s more likely.

This is the life I secretly wanted to live when I was fourteen. It’s the life I openly want to live now. I’m only just waking up the the fact that I can have it if I really want it.

And I do want it.

More than anything else, I want this.

Chelsea Wolfe - 'Movie Screen' [live at Amoeba]

I’ve been really getting into Chelsea Wolfe these last 24 hours since The Needle Drop reviewed her new album. She’s like a Radiohead-meets-P.J. Harvey kind of gothic noise-rocker. If you’re feeling a little too happy and you’re partial to Portishead-ish trip-hop-y stuff, then give this song a listen.