In Twenty-Fourteen…

All of this can happen next year, and I’m going to make sure that it does. Next year will be my fourth non-consecutive year without regular full-time work or study, and I can’t let it be like the other three. So I’m making plans. I’m talking to excited people. I’m making this public. Because if I talk about it, it’s more likely to happen. It’s not guaranteed, but it’s more likely.

This is the life I secretly wanted to live when I was fourteen. It’s the life I openly want to live now. I’m only just waking up the the fact that I can have it if I really want it.

And I do want it.

More than anything else, I want this.

Uhhh… Hi there. You’re thorough…

Uhhh… Hi there. You’re thorough…

Drinking alone post.

The wife’s in Victor Harbour for the week with her family, leaving me to myself for a few days.

I’m understanding why they say you shouldn’t drink alone. I’m on to my second long-neck (the first was essentially dinner) and already I’m trawling the internet for a place where I can have a conversation with someone I’ve never met about something strange and beautiful. But all I’ve found are places where there’s nothing I can say without being a creep as an anonymous male face on the internet, a new masturbating cock every three seconds, and a few places where the only people online are British lesbians who say in big capital letters all over their profile “NO MEN NO MEN NO MEN”.

This is the fucking internet, and I can’t find a stranger to talk about something beautiful. Or anything.

This machine has failed.

It was only after an hour of waiting when I got the text saying company was 10 minutes away that I remembered that there was that F. Scott Fitzgerald book I was going to keep reading…

Another bit of honesty cast into the internet…

I’ve never really understood why so many quotes, so much advice given with regards to finding yourself, your purpose, your identity, is all about looking within. I’m introspective as fuck, but I didn’t find me in there. I found who I was by looking out into the world. I could never find love inside myself without looking out and finding love between other people. I could have never found meaning in art by just looking inside myself; I wasn’t exactly holding exhibitions in there. No, I found art by seeing what my parents did and how much satisfaction it gave them. God wasn’t within me either until I let him in.

If you found yourself inside yourself, you would be nowhere at all; caught in an infinitely self-contained paradox. And how could you possibly find your place in the universe inside you? Our current understanding of astronomy strongly suggests that the universe wouldn’t nearly fit inside you.

Don’t look within to find yourself. You’re not there. You’re out here, resonating with the things that hit a harmonic frequency.

I just finished listening to Dave Grohl’s SXSW keynote speech, and it’s left me feeling fucking inspired. It got me thinking about the first song to blow my mind, and it was pretty quick for this song, Bullet the Blue Sky by U2, to come to mind. I can remember as a kid getting pretty vivid imagery from the lyrics. I can remember being unsure if the guitar was, in fact, a guitar or someone screaming through some effects. I remember wondering if people were allowed to write songs like that. Were you allowed to have a spoken word section like that in a song? ‘If you plant a demon seed, you’ll raise a flower of fire’ What the fuck does that even mean? The image in my head is still there from that lyric. This whole album blew my child mind back in the day, but this song especially; crammed perfectly between ‘With or Without You’, a ballad, and ‘Running to Stand Still’ a soft song about a heroin addict. This is where it all began for me. This is ground zero.

Got back home yesterday from seeing my non-student directorial debut screen at the Byron Bay International Film Festival.
Dreams are a’happenin’, y’all.

Got back home yesterday from seeing my non-student directorial debut screen at the Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Dreams are a’happenin’, y’all.

An optimistic tale of my future.


I feel like I need to boast about this a little, and it didn’t seem appropriate for Facebook…

This wedding speech I’m working on for my best friend’s wedding on Saturday is a bloody good one!

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Ah, so we’re here again.

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